Colourscape Music Festival @ Clapham Common

This music festival is on Clapham Common, but don’t worry if it’s raining! The whole festival is being held in a giant inflatable world.

When you enter you chuck on a coloured cape and wander around the ginormous maze. Throughout the walkways you’ll come across various musicians and singers performing. So it’s kind of like an inflatable tube station!

There’s only 1 weekend left of this colourful, noisy festival so make sure you check it out. Who wouldn’t want to wear a cape right?

This Sunday there is an especially cool showing where you discover musical creatures!

Event Info:

Dates: September 22nd and 23rd

Time: 1pm-6pm

What: Improvised music with the Alison Blunt Ensemble (Sep 22); and Alice in Wonderland (Sep 23)

Where: Clapham Common, Windmill Drive

Price: £8.50, children & concs £4.50