Summer 2011 @ Science Museum

Looking for a day out with the kids ? Catch a 3D movie, jump on a simulator, visit an exhibition, and encounter the past, present and future of technology in 7 floors of galleries! Turn off the TV and get down to one of the London’s best tourist attractions and come face to face with science as it happens.

The Science Museum will be open until 7pm until 4 September

SpaceSpend your Summer in Space!

To 12 September

This summer, make Space at the Science Museum your destination of choice and get a passport to journey through the Museum. Follow our space trail to discover rockets and satellites, marvel at the original Apollo 10 Command Module, see the laws of gravity in motion and find out how we have searched the universe. Explore the wonders of Hubble 3D on our huge IMAX 3D Cinema screen and be part of the Apollo moon landings!

26 July marks the 40th anniversary of the launch of the Apollo 15 lunar mission which blasted off from Cape Canaveral at 9:34am, and splashed down in the Pacific Ocean on August 7, 1971. Why not mark this special occasion by taking your own thrilling space journey with Legend of Apollo in our 4D effects theatre? Feel the impact of a Saturn V rocket launch, take a trip on the lunar rover and discover the smell of space as you experience what it was like to be part of the ground-breaking Apollo missions of the 1960s and 1970s.

New Moon rock display


A piece of Moon rock collected by Apollo 15 astronaut David Scott from the Moon’s surface in August 1971 will go on permanent display at the Science Museum on Tuesday 26 July – to mark the 40 th anniversary of the launch of the Apollo 15 Lunar mission. The Moon rock, which was cut from the larger ‘Great Scott’ rock, is made of olivine basalt and was part of an ancient lava flow, formed billions of years earlier when single-celled life had barely begun on Earth. Weighing 83 g, the rock, like all the Moon rocks returned to Earth, is kept in a nitrogen-filled glass container to prevent it coming into contact with the Earth’s atmosphere.

Draw an ‘alien friend’ and see it outside the Science Museum

The Science Museum has launched a competition calling on young people to draw a picture of their imaginary ‘space friend’ – such as a friendly alien from a distant planet, in the hope of seeing their artwork printed on a banner and displayed on the outside of the Science Museum this autumn. The winning picture will decorate the outside of the museum whilst it is being cleaned. People can text to vote for their favourite artwork and the donation will help fund the makeover.

  1. The competition is free to enter and open to children a ged 14 years old and under.
  2. The competition closes on Sunday 4 September.

See inside the Apollo 10 spacecraft
19 August

On Friday 19 August, visitors to the Science Museum will be offered the rare chance to see inside the Apollo 10 command module. The hatch cover will be removed from the spacecraft for just one day so that people can look closely at the actual controls Tom Stafford, John Young and Gene Cernan used to fly around the Moon forty-two years ago in 1969. Apollo 10 was the dress rehearsal for the Moon landing of the later Apollo 11 mission.

Space R obots
2–4 August

Come and see the robots that could be bound for the surface of distant planets. Are they the future of space exploration? Scientists from Rutherford Appleton Laboratory who developed the robots will be there to answer all your questions.

Cockroach Robot
16–18 August

How do insects move so quickly? Come and check out a super-speedy six-legged robot from the Royal Veterinary College. Find out how its cockroach-inspired legs help it move from the engineers who designed it.

Demon Unmanned Ariel Vehicle
23–25 August

It’s the world’s first flapless aircraft – the Demon UAV , which uses compressed air to manoeuvre. Could this be the stealth plane of the future? Join engineers from Cranfield University and BAE Systems to find out how the Demon works.

Trash Fashion: Designing out waste

Ends 29 August

Britain loves high-street fashion. Tempted by rock-bottom prices we’re buying a third more clothing than we did a decade ago. But fast-changing fashions mean over a million tonnes of textile waste end up in landfill each year.

This new exhibition investigates how the latest design and technology will help to create wear without waste and what we all can do to reduce the impact of throwaway fashion.


This summer, the Museum’s Outreach team will be running an interactive marquee showing off some of their best experiments and also performing their Greatest Hits show on the stage.

Star Struck!
Friday to Monday

Science and art come together in this spectacular workshop. Find out fantastic Solar System facts and help us draw a super-sized star map! Ideal for children aged 5 years and up, there are 50 places available.

Invent Event
Friday to Monday

Inventors wanted!  We challenge you to use your problem solving skills and build a mystery object. Think you’ve got what it takes? Come and j oin our drop in sessions! Suitable for children 7 years and older.

Russian to Space
Tuesday to Thursday

Ready, steady, go! Head to the Science Museum to collide with the world famous Yuri Gagarin as he unravels what it was like to be the first human into space, or celebrate the journey from satellites to space stations, and all the thrilling steps in between in our new exciting space show!   Ideal for children aged 7 years old and up.

That Rings a Bell
Tuesday to Thursday

Explore electronic energy and convert it into sound. Drop in to this activity and make your very own doorbell that’s yours to keep! (£2 charge per kit applies)

A Cockroach Tour of the Museum

A Cockroach Tour of the Science Museum , is a participatory project by art collective Superflex .  Visitors will be invited to take on the form of cockroaches, dressing up in realistic costumes to begin a journey through the Museum, exploring the impact on the climate of scientific and technological developments from the perspective of one of the oldest, most resilient life forms on the planet.

The humorous tour will take visitors through the Museum’s Energy Hall, Exploring Space and Making the Modern World galleries before completing their journey in the atmosphere gallery. Superflex is a group of artists and designers whose work aims both to highlight global issues and to suggest and generate alternative ideas and solutions.

The Cockroach Tours are every Saturday and Sunday until December 2011. To book a place call: 0870 870 4868.

Launchpad Science Shows

The largest free interactive science gallery in the UK, Launchpad is packed with exhibits which will allow visitors to launch a rocket, turn their head into a sound box and control a magnetic cloud. Catch one of the spectacular science shows performed by Explainers throughout the day.

Ideal for children aged 8-14 years old.

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