County Show – Kent County Show (16 – 18 July)

Planning for the largest outdoor event in Kent, the Kent County Show, is well underway and making significant progress. There is a whole host of new attractions and displays being lined up for this year’s Show.

Also this year will be a Countryside Area that will include Fly-fishing, Ferret Racing, Birds of Prey, Otters, Hounds and other countryside pursuits such as working Gun Dogs. The Forestry section will feature both traditional and modern methods of timber extraction from the Murrain Wood, as well as many traditional crafts skills.

There will be a large interactive area in the Agricultural Zone called ’Why Farming Matters’ that will focus on the importance of farming in Kent. The main theme of this area will be showing how food gets to the fork and will include cookery demonstrations on how local produce can be used to make a variety of tantalising meals.

It is expected that there will be an even greater number of entries in livestock this year featuring Cattle, Sheep, Pigs, Donkeys and Goats and not forgetting the wonderful display of Show Jumping and other equine classes.

There will also be the traditional mix of shopping trade-stands where you can buy anything from a car to tractor, a conservatory to an overseas property or quality food to luxury clothing items. There will also be a large number of catering outlets that will be using local farm produce, once again supporting the Kent Farmers.