Daredevil Divers @ Drayton Manor Theme Park (25 July to 19 September)

drayton-manor-divingAs well as all the fun rides there, this summer at Drayton Manor Theme Park you can also see a group of acrobatic divers showing off with amazing high-flying performances!

From Monday 25th July, the five daredevil divers will start their eight-week stint at the park with shows that involve leaping from heights of up to 25m into a pool just seven metres wide and three metres deep.

drayton-manor-diving2Their shows will feature up to 70 different dives, including an assortment of Olympic and synchronised team dives, crazy clown comic dives, as well as an extreme fire dive where the brave stuntman sets himself alight, with flames burning at 800 degrees Celsius, before diving in the pool to cool off!

The dive shows will take place near to the park’s G-Force rollercoaster and there will be three shows per day at 12pm, 2pm and 4pm.

About Drayton Manor Theme Park

Drayton Manor Theme Park is located near Tamworth, Staffordshite, and is home to a variety of white-knuckle thrill ride, Thomas Land, a 15-acre zoo and a 4D cinema.

This year they’ve also opened their brand new Ben 10 roller coaster and will be opening their 150 bedroom 4-star hotel on 15th August.

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