Day Out With Thomas at Gwili Steam Railway, Carmarthen (10 to 13 April)


What is happening on the Island of Sodar today! Come early and enjoy the day. Anyone with a birthday, get a note to the ‘Fat Controller’.

When you arrive on the ‘Island of Sodor’, you will find ‘Percy’ waiting for you with ‘Toad’ and the old wooden coach. ‘Percy’ will take you for a trip as well. There is a colouring competition for the children, trips behind ‘Baby Thomas’ on the Miniature Railway and at 2.30 each day a Birthday Party with ‘Sir Topham Hatt’ in the marquee. The Travelling Post Office will be open and the children can help sort the letters for ‘Sir Topham Hatt’. Professor Davey will be in attendance with Mr. Punch, who gets up to his usual antics and there will also be balloons for the children.

Example Progamme of Events

10.30 First Express Train of the day pulled by ‘Thomas’ leaves for the ‘Island of Sodor’. The Express train will run approximately every 35mins throughout the day, with the last train at 15.45

10.50 Meet the ‘Sir Topham Hatt, the Fat Controller’. Photographs with ‘Percy’, and the ‘Fat Controller’ in the platform at the Island of Sodor.

11.45 ‘Percy’ returns to the quarry up in the valley.

12.00 ‘Percy’ returns – ‘Sir Topham Hatt, the Fat Controller’ takes the children to see ‘Karlos the Clown and his Friends. ‘Percy’ comes into the platform for photographs with the children.

12.35 The local farmer was taking his cows across the line, when one of them called Molly, wanders off and ends up blocking the line. ‘Sir Topham Hatt’ gets the Guard and the Engine Crew to help get her off the line. To add to the chaos, ‘Percy’ runs out of water. The ‘Fat Controller’ gets the children to help him put water in the tank. Percy goes into the siding to wait for ‘Thomas’.

13.10 ‘Sir Topham Hatt, the Fat Controller’ takes the children to see ‘Karlos the Clown and his friends.

13.50 ‘Percy’ runs over ‘the Fat Controllers’ luggage on his way down the valley. ‘Sir Topham Hatt’ is not amused and remonstrates with the driver and Guard.  The driver was so confused, he has forgotten to put on the hand brake and when he was on the platform, ‘Percy’ rolls away. The driver runs after him, but it is too late. What happens next?

14.20 ‘Thomas’, cheered on by the children, meets ‘Percy’ . The engines get excited and very noisy.

14.30 ‘Percy’ comes into the platform. Everyone goes to the birthday party in the marquee by the Carriage Shed. The driver of ‘Percy’ with Karlos the Clown and ‘The Fat Controller’ have a party with the children. There is Birthday cake and a drink for the children.

15.00 The cow escapes again and ‘Percy’ runs short of water. Can the children help fill the tank. ‘Percy’ feels unwell. Something seems to have got into his tank. What is it?

16.05 The ‘Fat Controller’ waves goodbye to the children as the Express train pulled by ‘Thomas’ goes back to Bronwydd for the last time.

Other events:

  • The Miniature Railway runs all day.
  • Children young and old can enjoy trips behind Ben. Baby ‘Thomas’ will be available for photographs.
  • There will be a Free Colouring Competition running all day in the Station building at Llwyfan Cerrig.
  • The Free Bouncy Castle will be on the picnic site at Llwyfan Cerrig (Weather permitting).
  • The Fire engines, Fairground Rides, Beryl the Bus and the Thomas shop will be at Bronwydd each day.
  • Karlos the Clown will be entertaining the children throughout the day.
  • Don’t forget there will be Catering facilities at Bronwydd and Llwyfan Cerrig with a Barbeque at Llwyfan Cerrig throughout the day.

Gwili Railway Co. Ltd
Bronwydd Arms Station, Carmarthen, SA33 6HT