How To Train Your Dragon Easter egg hunt at Shrek’s Adventure! London

Go on a dragon-themed egg hunt around this London attraction!

Egg Hunts are getting an ‘egg-xtreme’ upgrade this Easter at DreamWorks Tours: Shrek’s Adventure! London.

There’s been a bit of mishap and a delivery of rare Dragon Eggs, en route to the Island of Berk, has malfunctioned in midair – dropping its cargo over Far Far Away.

These rare Eggs could have landed anywhere and it’s your job to help find them during the tour!

There’s a surprise waiting at the end if you do… you’ll get to visit the Viking Egg Nurse in the maternity ward and see a baby dragon emerging from its egg right in front of your eyes!

The Dragon Egg Hunt is on from 1-23 April and is included in normal ticket prices.

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Event information

Address: Riverside Building, County Hall, Westminster Bridge Rd, Lambeth, London SE1 7PB

Dates: Saturday 1 April – Sunday 23 April 2017

Times: Open daily 10am – 7pm

Ticket prices: Various. Discounts for advance booking online. Check website for full information.

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