Dickens 2012 on Film @ BFI Southbank (15 to 28 December)

TheMuppetChristmasCarol2After writing one of the most  famous Christmas stories of all time, A Christmas Carol, BFI Southbank are putting on a special Christmas celebration to celebrate the work of Charles Dickens.

On 15th December there will be an Arena film featuring lots of exciting and interesting footage that shows just how much influence Charles Dickens has had on film and TV – amazing considering neither were invented when he was around!

And of course, Christmas isn’t complete without the Charles Dickens classic Christmas story about Scrooge getting the Muppets treatment!

You can watch on the big screen The Muppets Christmas Carol. This very funny musical will definitely get you excited about the new Muppets film coming out in 2012, if you weren’t already excited like us that is!

Event Info:

TV Preview: Dickens on Film – 15th December, 18:20
The Muppet Christmas Carol – 27th and 28th December, 16:00

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