Dino Snores @ Natural History Museum (12th March)

dino-snores-graphic_50962_2Ever wondered if the museum really does come to life like in the film Night at the Museum? Well, here’s your chance to find out!

Natural History Museum are letting you join their monthly sleepovers so you can discover what really happens at the Museum when the staff and visitors have gone home with their special sleepover Dino Snores!

In the evening, experience lots of thrilling activities and stalk the corridors as night descends and shrouds the huge hulking form of Tyrannosaurus rex in shadows.

Activities include:

  • a torch-lit trail in our famous Dinosaurs gallery – watch out for T.rex moving silently in the dark!
  • a live show about creatures that bite and sting, Revenge of the Minibeasts, by our own Museum expert
  • Fossil Fun – creating your own plaster fossil to take home
  • snuggling down at midnight after the fun in the shadow of our Central Hall Diplodocus skeleton for the night

The morning after, tuck into breakfast and other fun activities, before the Museum opens its doors to the public

Activities include:

  • two live animal shows, AnimalMan with Nick Spellman and The Big Bug Show. Ogle an owl, marvel at a meerkat, or gasp at a giant millipede.

Take home souvenirs of the night to show your pals and relatives. And impress them with stories of how you fought off a ferocious Velociraptor – or was that just a dream?

We recommend you have a meal before attending and bring along a snack for later in the evening. A basic breakfast will be provided.

12th March 2011

Sleepover begins at 19.00, ends 9.50 the following day

£46 per person, Members price £41.40

More Info:

For other booking information, or to book tickets by phone, please call us on +44 (0)20 7942 5792.

Dino Snores is for children aged 8-11 years old, but adults will enjoy it too. There must be a minimum of 5 children and 1 adult in your group.

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