Discover the Power of Wee!

7.28fuelA research team have just been given £130,000 to develop a project exploring whether they can use urine as a source of energy.

This may sound bizarre, but if it could be used in fuel cells, urine would offer a non-toxic, cheap and easily transportable alternative to either hydrogen (which is flammable) or methanol (which is toxic). On top of that, it is renewable too!

Those involved reckon that urine would be really useful as a source of fuel in submarines, the military and also power generation in places such as the desert or on a remote island.

The fact that it is cheap, renewable and friendly to the environment means that it also has the potential to be a fantastic commercial success too.

Of course, there is still a long way to go so we wouldn’t suggest putting wee in your parents’ car just yet!

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