Easter Family Fun @ Museum of London

If you’re looking for something fun and free for all the family to do during October half term then visit the Museum of London for a great day out that everyone can enjoy, from under 5s to over 60s!

Precious animals

Sat 31 Mar, Sun 1, Tue 3 & Wed 4 Apr, 12.30-2pm & 2.30-4pm
Before plastic and modern fabrics, how did Londoners make spoons, shoes and buttons? Meet an expert and see what he makes out of bone and leather. 5+

Animated animals *

Sat 31 Mar, Sun 8 & Thu 12 Apr, 12.30-1.30pm, 2-3pm & 3.30-4.30pm
Join our digital learning team and bring some of the animals in the galleries to life. Make them move or make them talk, you decide. +5

* tickets allocated on arrival

The roaring lions of Trafalgar

Mon 2, Tue 3 & Wed 4 Apr, 1-1.30pm, 2-2.30pm & 3-3.30pm
Listen to our storyteller as she tells the fascinating story of the dedicated sculptor of the lions on Trafalgar Square. +5

Animals from the past

Mon 2 Apr, 12-2pm
Meet Museum curators and look at objects from our collections to discover how important animals have been to London’s past. 5+

My animal book

Wed 4 Apr, 10.30-11am 11.30am – 12pm & 2-2.30pm
Find out about animals in our Museum and then make a mask and have your photo taken to become part of your own animal book. 2+

The fire of London on horseback

Thu 5, Fri 6, Sat 7, Tue 10 & Wed, 11 Apr, 1-1.30pm, 2-2.30pm & 3-3.30pm
See the story of the fire of London unfold through the eyes of a brave horse called Tobias. 5+

Useful or useless?

Thu 5, Fri 6 & Sat 7 Apr, 12.30-2pm & 2.30-4pm
In this art workshop examine animal remains in our prehistoric gallery and use clues to guess what they are. 5+

Animal hunt

Sun 8, Tue 10, Thu 12 Apr, 12.30-2pm & 2.30-4pm
Search our galleries for hidden animals and animal remains from London’s past. Then make a book inspired by your discoveries to take home. 5+

Mythical beasts

Mon 9, Wed 11 & Sat 14 Apr, 12.30-2pm & 2.30-4pm
Dare to join this art workshop as we take a closer look at some of the mythical creatures in our galleries. 5+

Animals in London

Mon 9 Apr, 12-12.25pm 1.30-1.55pm & 2.30-2.55pm
Join curator Jim Gledhill and find out about all kinds of animals that have played an important part in London’s history. 7+

Prehistoric animal adventure!

Wed 11 Apr, 10.30-11am, 11.15-1145am, 2-2.30pm & 2.45-3.15pm
Come on a musical adventure around prehistoric London. Imagine elephants, mammoths and cave bears roaming around and help us to bring them to life through song, movement and music.6 months+

Tibs the cat – employee of the month

Fri 13, Sat 14 & Sun 15 Apr, 1-1.30pm, 2-2.30pm & 3-3.30pm
Employed to catch mice and rats, Tibs worked for the Post Office for 14 years. Follow his adventures in this fun storytelling session. 5+

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