Elephants across London (to 29 June)

ElephantBe prepared for model elephants in London, as over 250 of the giant beasts invade the capital’s streets in a huge public art exhibition aiming to raise money for elephants throughout the world.

The model elephants in London are part of the Elephant Parade, organised by the Elephant Family charity that have set up similar events throughout the world in an effort to raise awareness of the plight that faces many of our big-eared friends.

Each of the model elephants in London will be the size of an adolescent elephant, and will be decorated by an artist or celebrity to make them look the part for the Elephant Parade itself. The 250 plus model elephants in London will then be auctioned off at Sotheby’s as the Elephant Family charity attempt to raise as much money as possible so that these beautiful and exotic creatures continue to stomp around the globe.

The model elephants will be found throughout London, in streets, parks, famous locations and tourist attractions, so you’ll probably bump into one of them on your travels. Art lovers can start their hunt for the elephants at The Scoop on the South Bank, where over 25 of the models are being displayed. Elephant Parade events have been a huge hit in other countries throughout the world but this is the first time that London will play host, bringing the importance of elephant conservation to the capital whilst also offering a fun way of making our immediate environment look a lot more attractive. On of the highlights of the event is bound to be the Lion King inspired elephant designed by Sacha Jafri.

The Elephant Family charity that is organising this huge event work in conjunction with the Wildlife Trust of India and the World Land Trust and it’s hoped that the elephants that are set to litter the streets of London will help to raise a million pounds for the elephants’ cause. So keep your eyes out for the model elephants and if any look like your cup of tea, head to Sotheby’s and you can join in the auction and help both the Elephant Parade and elephants in general whilst you’re at it.

Find out more at www.elephantparadelondon.org