Events at the Natural History Museum in March

1, 14, 15, 28 Mar – Gallery character: Charles Darwin
Meet Charles Darwin and his collection of beetles in the Central Hall to hear about his famous theory for the evolution of all living things.

Times: 11.30–13.00 and 14.00–15.30
Admission: free

1, 7, 8, 14, 15, 21, 22, 28 and 29 March – Gallery character: Annie Darwin
Meet Annie Darwin, who will tell you about her fun family life and what it’s like to have a famous scientist as a father.

Times: 11.30–13.00 and 14.00–15.30
Admission: free

1 and 29 Mar – Judy Preece Natural Puppet Tales
Join Judy Preece and her puppets in lively storytelling workshops, based on discovering amazing facts about the natural world. This month’s story is Wolf Tales and the Three Little Pigs. The workshop is best suited to families with children aged seven and under.

Times: 12.30 and 14.00
Admission: free, to reserve a place please visit the Central Hall

7 and 21 Mar – Crafty Nature: Exciting Evolution
Roll up your sleeves and join artists for exciting craft workshops. Use interesting materials to make fun creations based on natural history themes. This workshop is in Fossil Marine Reptiles and suitable for children under seven.

Times: 11.00–13.00 and 14.00–16.00
Admission: free

14 Mar – The Plants That Bite Back
Don’t be fooled by their calm exterior, plants have a dark side… Join us as we look at the different ways carnivorous plants catch their food and discover the ones that you can see growing wild in Britain. You can even have a go at feeding one yourself.

Times: 12.30 and 14.30
Admission: free

21 Mar – Flesh-Eating Beetles of the Museum
We have lots of skeletons in our cupboards. Scientists and visitors come from far and wide to look at these bare bones on display at the Natural History Museum, but have you ever wondered what happened to the rest of the specimen – the flesh and soft tissue? Today, meet the hundreds of live de-flesher bugs used at the Museum to help us clean up fresh specimens. Come and see them at work in our live behind the scenes link-up.

Times: 12.30 and 14.30
Location:    Marine Invertebrates
Admission: free


Explorer backpacks
Grab your binoculars, put on your backpack and take a mini-adventure around the Museum. Filled with pens, paper, games and activities, these bright red backpacks are a fun way to explore the Museum’s galleries. Choose from themes including birds, mammals, oceans, primates and monsters. Suitable for under sevens.

Opening times: every day, 10.00–17.00
Admission: free, £25 refundable deposit required
Please collect from the Central Hall information desk

Dippy floor puzzle
Enjoy the wonder of our 26-metre-long Diplodocus – affectionately named Dippy – with a soft toy floor puzzle. It’s free and is available in the Central Hall underneath the Diplodocus dinosaur. Suitable for children aged seven and under. Complete the puzzle and get a funky Dippy sticker.

Dates and times: every day (not available on busy days); 12.00–17.00 (times may vary)
Admission: free
Please visit the Central Hall information desk

Grab a funky fabric-based dinosaur book and follow a trail through the Museum, finding out what dinosaurs ate, how sharp their teeth were, what dinosaur footprints are like and lots more. Suitable for families with children under five.

Dates and times: every day (not available on busy days); 10.00–17.00 (times may vary)
Admission: Free, refundable deposit required to borrow the book
Please visit the Central Hall information desk

Jurassic Ark
Take the Jurassic Ark trail, gathering clues and discovering the animals that lurked in the shadow of the dinosaurs. This fun-filled family activity pack includes code-breaking activities, a crossword, word search, stickers, free poster, eraser and pencil. When you’ve finished, you can claim a 10 per cent discount in the Museum Shop.

Dates and times: every day, 10.00–17.00
Admission: £1.50
Available from the Museum Shop

Investigate Centre
Get a feel for how scientists work by having a go yourself. Bring your own questions, or use some of ours in this hands-on science space. Come and explore hundreds of real nature specimens that form the evidence for your exploration of scientific ideas. The Investigate Centre encourages you to look closely at real objects using the many tools provided to find out more and become a scientist for the day.

Dates and times: weekends and school holidays, 11.00–17.00 (last entry 16.30)
Monday–Friday in term time, 14.30–17.00 (last entry 16.30)
Admission:    free

Explore – Darwin Centre
Go behind the scenes to see the Museum’s zoology collection and to glimpse some of the work that takes place there. Tours last about 45 minutes, are subject to availability and places are limited, so please book at an information desk when you arrive. If you have mobility requirements, please tell us when you book and we will provide you with information on access. Children must be accompanied by an adult and tours are not suitable for under eights. Please note, bags are not allowed on the tour and there is a short walk to reach the Darwin Centre.

Dates and times: every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at 15.00 and 16.15, Wednesdays at 16.15 only
Admission: free
Please book at an information desk when you arrive

Every Saturday and Sunday

Hands-On Nature Evolution
Visit the trolley in Lasting Impressions and take a closer look at some interesting specimens with the help of science educators.

Times: 14.00–17.00
Admission: free

Learning activators
Look out for our friendly volunteers roving the galleries. They encourage visitors of all ages to discover more about the natural world, using Museum specimens from mammal skulls to fossils.

Times: 11.15–15.00
Admission: free

Earth Lab
For families with children aged six and above. Drop in to Earth Lab and join our science educators to explore the wonder of fossils, rocks and minerals. Sessions are set up to allow everyone to join in at their own level and there are a range of fun activities to choose from.

Times: weekends and school holidays, 11.00–13.00
Admission: free

Nature Live events
From dinosaurs and deep-sea fish to evolution and climate change, this topical programme of events brings together scientists and visitors to explore, discover and discuss the natural world and our place within it. Events are held in the Marine Invertebrates gallery and the studio seats 60 people. For more details and a current programme, please see the website.

Times: weekends and school holidays, 12.30 and 14.30
Admission: free

For more information:
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