Exhibition – ‘Dan Dare and the Birth of Hi-Tech Britain’ @ Science Museum (to 25 Oct)

dan_dare_identityashxDan Dare’s rocket fleet roars high over Venus to trounce his arch foe – the power-mad Mekon. Meanwhile, back on Earth, another extraordinary future is unfolding – one which laid the foundation for Britain’s hi-tech consumer society.

After 1945, though war-weary and broke, Britain found huge pride in wartime advances such as radar, penicillin and the jet engine. Discoveries like these were now tipped to kick-start world-beating industries, bring prosperity and bankroll the emerging welfare state.

In an age before globalisation, products from rockets to radios sprang from local roots. Together they reveal a fascinating ‘lost world’ of British design and invention – a glimpse of a time when the TV in the corner was a Murphy, not a Sony.

This exciting temporary exhibition explores the role played by technology in creating post-war Britain.

Explore the objects on display in the exhibition, and add your own knowledge and memories, on our new Object Wiki.

You can listen to an audio introduction to the exhibition, where four members of the project team talk about some of the things you can find on display, including the Bloodhound guided missile, a Rolls Rapide twin-tub washing machine and the famous Dan Dare himself:
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