Exhibition – ‘Fast Forward: 20 Ways F1™ is changing our world’ @ Science Museum (to Spring 2010)

fast-forwardHave you ever wondered how the glamorous sport of Formula 1™ relates to your own daily life?

Motor racing is about much more than the incredible speeds and the extraordinary human feats that we see on the racetrack, thrilling as they are. It’s about a different kind of thrill, one shared by F1™ professionals, scientists, manufacturers and designers alike.

These are people who think up radical new applications for F1™ technology, and test and modify their ideas to come up with innovative products.

This temporary exhibition showcases 20 examples where F1™ technology is impacting on our lives, from changing the way we look after patients and design our sports equipment, to maintaining the heating systems in our homes.

The exhibition will feature unique items such as the Baby Pod II, Solar B Solar Probe and Ovei Wellbeing Capsule. The Ovei Capsule has been developed by McLaren Applied Technologies.

Where do I find out more?
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