Exhibition – ‘Myths and [email protected] at Horniman Museum (to 5 Sept)

MythsGet ready to experience the world of Myths and Monsters at Horniman Museum, as the exhibition looks at weird and wonderful creatures from around the world.

Myths and Monsters exhibition
The Horniman Museum is getting spooked by myths and monsters for 2010 as they attempt to examine the truth behind the legends of famous creatures such as the cyclops, the unicorn and the yeti. Are they all imaginary or is there a grain of truth to their status?

Storytelling from across the world
Sea monsters, giant serpents, dragons, chimeras and giant hairy men are all the stuff of children’s stories or myths from around the world, but where do these legends come from. Examing the ways in which the stories behind the fabulous creaures have developed, Myths and Monsters at Horniman Museum is a thrilling exhibition for children of all ages that love the idea of monsters.

Fact or fiction
As different legends are created in different parts of the world depending on local stories, climate and religious beliefs, monsters are created through human imagination or fear. But what Myths and Monsters at Horniman Museum hopes to unravel is, do any of them actually exist?

Dragons and dinosaurs
Whether your child is obsessed with dinosaurs or has falled head over heels in love with the Gruffalo, the exhibition of Myths and Monsters at Horniman Museum examines the links between mythical dragons and real life dinosaurs. And for those who will be sorely disappointed to learn that most monsters exist only in our heads, you will be thrilled to find out why the yeti might actually be real!

13 February to 5 September

Horniman Museum