Exhibitions @ the Science Museum


New! Cosmos & Culture: how astronomy has shaped our world
Until 2010

  • This new exhibition traces 400 years of telescope technologies, explores our changing perceptions of our place in the cosmos, and examines the role astronomy has played in our everyday lives.
  • Objects on display include Thomas Harriot’s drawings of the Moon, Jupiter’s satellites and sunspots; the telescope William Herschel used to discover Uranus; a detector seeking the mysterious dark matter that makes up most of our Universe; and an amateur telescope made of bean cans, car parts and coat hangers.

Fast Forward: 20 Ways F1™ is changing our world
Until Spring 2010.

  • British teams, engineers and mechanics have shown themselves to be at the forefront of Formula 1™, a world where human skill, passion for innovation and cutting-edge technology are pushed to the extreme.
  • ‘Fast Forward: 20 ways that F1™ is changing our world’, is a free exhibition at the Science Museum showing how Formula 1™ technology can be applied to different fields of research and innovation to offer new solutions to our everyday lives.
  • Find out how sophisticated composite materials, telemetry systems and rigorous pit-stop strategies devised by British teams are currently applied to improve safety and efficiency in our hospitals, homes and work places.
  • Over twenty different by-products of Formula 1™ have been brought together for this exhibition, courtesy of British universities and private companies actively engaged in this field.

Listening Post
Until 2010.

  • Listening Post is a critically acclaimed electronic art work, the result of a collaboration between US artist and composer Ben Rubin and statistician and artist Mark Hansen.
  • It is “a visual and sonic response to content and magnitude of online communication…giving form to online ‘noise’”.
  • A hanging lattice of over 200 small screens carry a series of carefully orchestrated live data feeds from various online traffic of public chat rooms and message boards.

Dan Dare and the Birth of Hi-Tech Britain
Until March 2010.

  • Parents and grandparents can enjoy a nostalgic hour looking back at an era when Britain was at the forefront of technological innovation after World War II.
  • Alongside seminal objects of the time, from both the state and in the home, is a collection of Eagle comic artwork and Dan Dare memorabilia reflecting the optimism of the post-war years.

Plasticity – 100 years of making plastics
Until January 2010.

  • The first completely man-made material, Bakelite, was discovered 100 years ago.
  • This exhibition looks back at Leo Baekeland’s world-changing discovery and displays just some of the cornucopia of new plastics and products which followed, from nylon stockings to Tupperware and Ekco radios.
  • It also looks at some of the amazing plastic materials currently being produced and what the future might hold for plastics as their environmental impact faces increasing scrutiny.

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