Father’s Day survival skills weekend @ RHS Gardens Wisley (19 – 20 June)

Join forces as a family and let our garden tribes help develop your skills in den-building and miniature raft-making, tracking and camouflage.

Imagine you are a group of intrepid explorers, travelling the globe in search of fantastic plants. You have arrived at Wisley, a place of amazing plants, and your mission is to protect your special pine cone through a series of survival challenges. Along your journey, you will meet the Wisley tribes who will put your skills to the test.

  • Miniature raft-making: create a raft to float your pine cone across the dangerous lake, full of scary beasts.
  • Tracking: navigate your way through the Wild Garden, follow the tracking symbols, collect the words and find the secret message.
  • Camouflage: practise your camouflage techniques by making a foliage crown and disguising your face.
  • Amazing plants: use your plant hunting skills and uncover one or two amazing plants.
  • Knot tying: Can you learn a new skill and tie some different knots?
  • Den-building: help us build the Wisley Wigwams and create a small den of your own.

Find out more at www.rhs.org.uk