Fifi and the Flowertots Live – June dates


For the first time ever, Fifi and the Flowertots will be appearing live on stage!

It’s a stormy day in Flowertot garden, and look what’s been blown in on the breeze – a magical fairy! But wait – her wand has been swept away in the wind and the lost fairy has to get it back to return home. Who better to help her than everybody’s favourite Flowertot – Fifi Forget-Me-Not and her Flowertot friends!

Follow Fifi and Clairy as they set off on their adventure, meeting some familiar faces along the way. But watch out… Let’s hope Stingo & Slugsy don’t get in the way with their latest madcap and mischievous scheme. Perhaps Bumble will lend a hand, along with Violet & Primrose.

Will Fifi and the Fairy find the wand? Will they make it back in time for Fifi’s ‘special day’ party? Will Flowertot garden survive the storm?

Come along and join in the fun as we take you on a marvellous, magical, musical journey in this brand new production, featuring these much-loved characters. Join Fifi Live in ‘The Fairy and the Flowertots!’ – be part of the magic…

Tour Schedule

Sat 20 and Sun 21 June – Palace Theatre, Mansfield

01623 41295

Further dates to be announced

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