Enjoy “Food Glorious Food” with the National Trust (to 30 Oct)

foof-foodFood Glorious Food is a National Trust campaign which aims to engage young people and their parents in the growing, purchasing, eating and celebration of local and seasonal food.

The National Trust believes in sustainable food production – it’s beneficial for the special places we care for, good for the environment and helps tackle issues like food miles. Through the Food Glorious Food campaign we seek to equip people with the food knowledge and skills necessary to help create a more self-sufficient nation.

As part of the Food Glorious Food campaign, the National Trust is giving away three quarters of a million packets of rocket, lettuce and pumpkin seeds, and will be teaching children and adults how to plant, grow and cook their own food in an effort to encourage more active, healthy and sustainable lifestyles.
This website

The Food Glorious Food website has been created to support children and parents in the learning journey from plot to plate. Promoting hands-on family fun and activity, this site offers budding young growers the chance to create their own virtual vegetable patch that requires nurturing and care, just as real plants do.   The site also encourages people of all ages to grow their own real-life vegetables at home, providing email advice and step-by-step guidance for all stages of the growth cycle, from sowing through to harvest. There are recipes for all the family, plus additional resources for those who want to continue to grow their own. There’s also information on local food-related events being held at National Trust properties to October 2009.

watercanThe website features a virtual vegetable patch where children can care for pet plants that need tendering and care just as real plants do, so they can learn what to do in the garden. Once registered, young growers will receive weekly step-by-step advice from National Trust gardeners on how to grow their plants in the form of helpful friendly characters.  The website also features factual information and advice for parents including a guide to growing the seeds and child-friendly recipes..

My Patch is an interactive online vegetable garden where children can tend to their own virtual plants that require nurturing and care just as real plants do. The virtual vegetables even send emails to remind kids to look after them. This virtual growth journey is accompanied by weekly emails sent by animated characters that give step by step guidance and encourage children to plant real-life versions of their online vegetables. The aim is to engage children with the process of growing their own, and to equip them with basic horticultural know-how.

By teaching children how to plant, grow and cook their own food, the FGF campaign aims to help develop essential skills which will pave the way to more informed and healthy lives. By choosing local, seasonal food, children will also learn how small actions can have major positive impacts on society and the environment – such as improving food security and environmental stewardship; reducing food miles and increasing our independence from the global food system.

Visit www.foodgloriousfood.org.uk/my-patch

Where can I find out about events near me?
Tuck in to your nearest Food Glorious Food event and haggle with farmers, enjoy tasty treats, cook up a storm, get hands-on in the garden and grab your FREE packet of seeds at over 500 events across England, Wales and Northern Ireland by clicking on www.foodgloriousfood.org.uk/events