FUNharmonics Family Concert – ‘Dreams’ @ Royal Festival Hall (14 March; 11.30)

London Philharmonic Orchestra
FUNharmonics Family Concert – Dreams

Prepare your imagination for a fantastical musical journey and a surreal dreamtime experience.

The sights and sounds along the way may enchant or terrify: Debussy’s Prelude depicts an unusual beast – half-goat, half man, dozing and dreaming in the hot woodland. The clock strikes 12 and Death pays a visit to earth, his nightmarish violin bringing the skeletons to life to dance for just one night.

Order is restored with music from Oscar-winning composer, Dario Marianelli, following which sleepy children may wish to rest as we listen to some beautiful classical lullabies. Finally, there’s just time to catch The Polar Express for adventures anew at the North Pole before the dreaded wake-up call!

In the Foyer Events throughout the morning, try your hand at playing an orchestral instrument in one of our Have-a-Go sessions, get your face painted or join our human orchestra in the foyers, before and after the performance.

Adults £14 £12 £10 £9 £8
Children £7 £6 £5 £4.50 £4

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