Get in the Paper

Telling people about wildlife in the news is a good way of getting a message across.  This could be through the pages of your local newspaper or website, or with an interview on your local radio or TV station.

•        Choose an event that you think could be interesting for a local paper or radio station to cover.

•        A picture tells a thousand words. Take a good, clear, interesting photograph that describes your event. Or if you tell your local paper in advance they might send a photographer along

•        Write a press release. Keep it short – two pages maximum. Remember to start with the most important bit of the story, and answer the questions: Who? What? When? Where? and Why?   Try and get a quote from someone involved in the story.

•        Email your press release to your local paper.  You can normally find an e-mail address by looking through the newspaper you want to send your story to.  The news desk or news editor is the best e-mail address to look out for.

•        Tune in to your local radio station or watch the local news to see what sort of stories they might be interested in. They will usually have a website that gives details of how to contact them.

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