This week, why not try … travelling the world @ Kew Gardens

rainforest-for-web (Featured)Escape to different worlds this summer and discover Kew Gardens as never before. Experience the heat of the tropical rainforest and the tranquility of the Alps. Stroll from elegant East Asia to dramatic desert landscapes.

  • Discover the rainforest in the Palm House
  • Experience the dramatic landscape of the desert in the Princess of Wales Conservatory, featuring cacti from South America and aloes from Africa, showcasing the beauty and diversity of desert plants.
  • Immerse yourself in the steamy heat of the tropics and explore the biodiversity of the rainforest canopy, from Brazilian tropical palms to ancient cycads in the Palm House.
  • Explore our secluded mountain retreat and discover the soothing waterfalls and delicate flowers found in the mountain ranges of the world. View more of our delicate alpine plants in the Davies Alpine House.
  • View the remarkable and iconic Chinese-style Pagoda, framed by its stunning tree-lined vista, or discover a traditional Japanese wooden house tucked away in a bamboo glade. Unwind at the tranquil Japanese landscape boasting beautiful blossom and structured planting.
  • Recapture the unique feel of the beautiful and aromatic Mediterranean environment. Explore groves of olives, stone pines and cork oak underplanted with fragrant lavenders in our sensual Mediterranean Garden.
  • Wind your way through Kew’s magnificent giant and coastal redwoods, the largest and tallest tree family in the world. Absorb the majestic atmosphere as you marvel at these soaring trees.
  • View the stunning display of Australian flora, taking you from the east coast across to the western granite outcrops. Discover the menthol-scented eucalyptus and the endangered Wollemi pine.

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