Great films to buy with Fun Kids

There are some many films that we love – here’s just a small selection:

Best Bob

Bob the Builder – The Best of Bob

  • Can we fix it?
  • A new collection of 10 Bob the Builder episodes, with five of the ten never-before-seen on DVD, celebrating 10 years of building with the Can-Do Crew!
  • Episodes include:
  1. Dizzy Goes Camping
  2. Mucky Muck
  3. Roley’s Apple Press
  4. Sumsy and the Beast
  5. Off Road Scrambler
  6. Trix and the Bug
  7. Travis and the Tropical Fruits
  8. Ballroom Bob
  9. Hamish’s New Home
  10. Egg and Spoon

Ice Age 3Ice Age 3 – The Dawn of the Dinosaurs

  • Manny, Sid, Diego and all the others are back in this third film in the series – Manny and Ellie are having a baby and Sid wants to get in on the act so adopts some baby dinosaurs – but their mummy wants them back, and you don’t argue with a Tyrannosaurus!
  • It turns out there’s a whole world of dinosaurs that have been hidden away
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Tinkerbell -  The Lost TreasureTinkerbell –  The Lost Treasure

  • Now fairies are great.
  • Not quite hairy enough for me, and a bit on the flimsy side but great anyway.
  • In Tinkerbell –  The Lost Treasure, Tinkerbell accidentally gets Pixie Hollow in trouble and has to venture out across the sea on a secret quest to set things right.
  • With some help from her friend Terence – and a rascally firefly named Blaze.   Its great if you like Fairies – like I say I’m not the biggest  fan in the world but if you are, you’ll love it.
  • Buy with Fun Kids

2EDVD0476 CHUGG W2RAI#C1C13Chuggington – Wheels to The Rails

  • And if like me you’d rather have trains than fairies maybe you’ll like the new Chuggington collection, also out this week on DVD.
  • The Great Frostini helps the trainees try for their ice-cream car badges, Zephie is reminded that alarms are for emergencies only and that small engines are useful too!  Plus, Wilson plays nurse to a sick Dunbar and discovers his artistic side, and Koko learns the importance of listening.
  • It’s a massive collection of episodes with all the characters.  Wilson’s my favourite, who’s yours?    chooo choooo!
  • Buy with Fun Kids

Star TrekStar Trek

  • The brilliant J.J. Abrams’ 2009 feature film is also released on DVD this week
  • Star Trek introduces us to James T. Kirk, a sharp but aimless young man who’s prodded by a Starfleet captain, Christopher Pike to enlist and make a difference.
  • At the Academy, Kirk runs afoul of a Vulcan commander named Spock, but their conflict has to take a back seat when Starfleet, including its new ship, the Enterprise, has to answer an emergency call from Vulcan.
  • Wow – its a greeaaaat film
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  • Buy with Fun Kids (Blu-Ray)

Night At The Museum 2 Escape From The SmithsonianNight At the Museum 2 – The Battle for the Smithsonian

  • If you loved the film a Night At the Museum you’ll love this sequel out on DVD this week – The Battle for the Smithsonian, rated PG.
  • Ben Stiller is the night watchman at a famous museum called the Smithsonian and things aren’t quite as quiet as one might think!
  • It’s a really funny film with tons of great effects although if you ask me the original film was funnier.
  • If you have little brothers or sisters they might find it a bit scary in places though!
  • Buy with Fun Kids

Bird and Third - A Really Squooky Christmas!Bird and Third – A Really Squooky Christmas!

  • Totally not scary is the latest Bird and Third DVD, A Really Squooky Christmas!
  • Stacks of episodes about he cheeky chicks on this one with some special Christmas ones, with lots of Christmassy songs too.
  • I love it as it cheers me up, I love Muffin, she’s my favourite.
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Roary The Racing CarRoary The Racing Car

  • For all racing car fans Roary The Racing Car is back on DVD with a special bumper Christmas edition – neeoow!   Join Roary, Marsha and Big Chris and all the other race track characters for high speed fun.
  • Neeeooow!  I’d love a go at racing, looks like Monster fun.  I think Big Chris would have a job squeezing me in the car door though.
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