Helloween @ London Dungeons (15 – 31 Oct)

jackolanternFrom the 15th – 31st October, The London Dungeon unveils its most terrifying “Helloween” event ever, including Jack O’Lantern and the echoing ‘Sounds of Hell’.

Stingy Jack, damned by the devil and made to walk in darkness for all eternity with his turnip lantern, will be stalking the dark hellish corridors of the gruesome attraction and could appear at any moment.

Visitors who survive Jack’s lair may wish they hadn’t, as the gates of hell gape open to receive them, with an infamous recording of the ‘Sounds of Hell’ echoing throughout the Dungeon’s mirrored labyrinth. The eerie screams of tortured souls, (which were allegedly discovered by Siberian scientists when they drilled down 14.4 kilometres deep under the Earth’s crust) will have guests feeling the flames of hell and screaming for a reprieve from the fiery maze, there’s plenty of horrific goings on to explore this Halloween – are you brave enough?

Included in the standard entrance price – £23.00 for adults and £17.00 for children.

Opening Hours
10am – 5.30pm, with extended opening hours over half term and Halloween itself.

For more information and to book tickets in advance, call 0871 423 2240 or visit The-Dungeons.co.uk/Helloween

Please note that the London Dungeon is not suitable for very young children.