Henry VIII’s Christmas @ Hampton Court Palace (27 December to 2 January)

henry-christmas-viiiJoin Henry VIII and his youthful new Queen, Catherine Howard, as they celebrate their first Christmas together in Henry’s favourite palace of pleasure.

There will be stories, songs, music and dance – both to watch and to even join in with!

The King’s new fool, James Lockwood, will entertain one and all, except for those the King has deliberately left off the guest list – will they dare show their faces?

The business of the realm must be also attended to – but who will keep the new Queen entertained while the King is in Council?

A Hampton Court Christmas would not be complete without the skills of the Kitchen Staff.  Once again this year the fires will blaze and the pots will boil.

Learn more of the food that was eaten by Kings, Courtiers and Servants as you explore the Great Kitchen.

Come and see what you will discover as you join Henry and Catherine to celebrate the Christmas of 1540!