High School Musical live (Febuary dates)

hsm-advertHigh School Musical is a contemporary musical comedy about Troy, a popular high school basketball star, and Gabriella, a shy, academically gifted newcomer who discover they share a secret passion for singing.  When they sign up together to audition for the lead roles in the school musical it threatens East High’s rigid social order and sends their peers into uproar.  In a desperate attempt to maintain the status quo, the ‘jocks’, the ‘brainiacs’, and even the drama club regulars, are soon hatching convoluted plots to separate the pair and keep them offstage.  However, by defying expectations and taking a chance on their dreams, the couple inspires other students to go public with some surprising hidden talents of their own.

This new stage adaptation of the hit musical Disney Channel Original movie features all the songs from the original chart-topping soundtrack, including the UK hit singles ‘Breaking Free’ and ‘We’re All In This Together’, plus two new numbers.

Fun Kids luvs High School Musical, and The Robot has seen all the films more times than he has ivets on his body (and have you counted them.  Have a great Fun Kids days out.


Theatres and Dates

16 – 21 Feb
High Street West
0844 847 24 99

24 – 28 Feb
G3 8YW
0870 040 4000

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