Hook @ Framed Film Club at Barbican

Saturday 14th February 2015 | Cinema


Every Saturday morning at London’s Barbican, you can enjoy a load of cool films and activities at the Framed Film Club!

There’s a different movie each week, from blockbuster hits to black and white classics, and animated shorts to foreign language films, plus loads more!

Coming up next month in Framed Film Club, on Saturday 14th February there’s the chance to see director Steven Spielberg’s 1991 classic Hook! It’s all about Peter Pan as an adult!

He’s now Peter Banning – a grumpy lawyer with a wife and two kids – who forgets all about Neverland until one day Captain Hook kidnaps his children and Peter has to go on a quest to rescue them from Hook’s evil clutches!

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Event information

Saturday 14th February 2015 at 11:00am 

Price: £2 (60p online booking fee, 70p telephone booking fee per transaction)


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