Horrible Histories @ Oxford Castle Unlocked (28 May to 5 June)

Medieval SurVisitors to Oxford Castle Unlocked this half term (Saturday 28th May – Sunday 5th June) are set to take a magical trail which will unearth much of the horrible history behind the famous landmark attraction.

Young visitors are invited to try and find all the hidden items around the castle and prison which relate to the dark history.  What will people discover about the famous Daniel Harris who has played a leading role in prison development, or Mary Blandy who allegedly poisoned her own father?

horrible-manThere will be 3D skeleton pictures in the gallery and eerie plague doctor masks for children to design and make.  And on Monday 30th May from 12.00pm – 3.00pm, resident Rowlande Jenks, whom had once been sentenced to lose his ears, will be doing what he can for the Help the Heroes charity by inviting people to throw wet sponges at him whilst he is in the stocks.

Before the half term period finishes there will be a unique opportunity on Saturday 4th & Sunday 5th June for visitors to meet the ‘Medieval Barber Surgeon’.

Hear the blood-curdling techniques from him and discover how teeth were pulled, bones were set and blood was let!  This 2 day extravaganza will see visitors taught first hand from the Medieval Barber Surgeon about the Black Death and how the wounds of battle once used to be treated, with arrow extraction and amputation commonplace.

With real live leaches on display, this is one education lesson everyone will want to take!

Event Info:

The cost of all these activities are included in the normal admission rate, or for those just wanting to do the activities can pay just £4.00 a person and run from 11.00am – 4.00pm each day.

For more information visit www.oxfordcastleunlocked.co.uk