Into The Grimm Forest @ The Unicorn Theatre (4 to 26 February)


In 1812 the Brothers Grimm, Jacob and Wilhem, published ‘Household and Children’s Tales’, a collection of stories and fairytales that have remained iconic over the last 200 years.

To celebrate this anniversary the Crick Crack Club and the Unicorn Theatre present three world-class contemporary storytellers with performances for children and family audiences drawn from the magical world of Grimms

Grimms’ Sheesha
Tue 7 – Sun 12 Feb

For ages 8+

Many of the Grimm’s stories are thought to have had their origins in the oral traditions of the East, leap-frogging countries and continents to arrive in Europe via the mouths of merchants, gypsies, travellers, migrants…

British Punjabi storyteller Peter Chand holds a mirror to the world of Grimms exploring South Asian versions of some strangely familiar tales.

Grim Grimms: Three Drops of Blood
Tue 14 – Sun 19 Feb

For ages 8+

Grimm by name, grim by nature. Ben Haggarty takes a journey into the darker side of Grimms’ fairytales.

These full-blooded tales for brave and bold listeners, explore challenging themes of service and sacrifice, betrayal and forgiveness, and are filled with humour, sneaky tricks, daring exploits and generally high drama.

With the deep shimmer of Sherry Robinson’s cello vividly underscoring this hypnotically magical performance…we invite you to enter the wild side of the fairytale forest.

A Year in the Forest
Tue 21 Feb – Sun 26 Feb

For ages 5+

Sally Pomme Clayton leads younger listeners on a journey into and out of the fairytale forest, as she tells four classic fairytales from the Brother’s Grimm. This delicate performance follows the seasons, evoking a year of magic and change.

Sally Pomme Clayton’s fresh language and sweet humour together with her collection of strange objects and musical instruments, bring these well-loved tales to life.

Event Info:

Venue: Unicorn Theatre, 147 Tooley Street, London SE1 2HZ

Dates: 4 to 26 February

Prices: £7 (£1 Discount if you book for more than one show)

To find out more and book tickets visit