James Campbell @ Soho Theatre (23 October)

FOUR WORLD CUPS AND ONE WORLD POPERecently, we met a funny man called James Campbell – in fact, he is very funny! James is that rare thing: a Stand-Up Comedian for Children. Think there is no such thing – well think again. Over the last ten years, James has been bringing his unique form of comedy for all to theatres, over 1000 schools and festivals all over the world.

James talks about everything that is relevant to kids and anyone who has ever been a kid – everything from parents to Playstations, why we have hair and what he had for breakfast. His show is aimed at children aged six and over, their parents, and anyone who enjoys top quality comedy without the swearing. Basically, if you’re between the ages of 6 and 149, the chances are that you’ll really enjoy his show!

James Campbell’s brand new stand-up comedy show is now mixed with funny songs about life, sausages and how superheroes go to the toilet.

Performance Time
23rd October at 1pm

Click here to buy tickets

Click here to buy tickets!