Jesus Christ Superstar LIVE on tour

Do you like funny musicals? Well you’ll think this is great!

Jesus Christ Superstar is a musical about Jesus and other Bible characters and it’s really funny.

The story is one you’ll have probably heard before, it’s about Jesus and Judas Iscariot (the guy who betrayed Jesus). But it’s told in a way that you’ll have never seen before.

It’s packed full of familiar faces such as Mel C from the Spice Girls, Chris Moyles and funny man, Tim Minchin.

Tim wrote the songs for the musical so he will have you laughing your socks off thoughout!

You may have seen the show on ITV called ‘Superstar’ which set out to find the character of Jesus in this musical. Well the winner, Ben Forster, will obviously be making an appearance as Jesus. Exciting stuff.

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Price: Approx. £45-£65