June events at the Science Museum


On 26 June the Science Museum is celebrating its hundredth anniversary. Below is a list of what will be on offer during the beginning of the Centenary year.

26 – 28 June
3-day party

To begin the birthday celebrations, the Science Museum will hold a 3-day party full of special performances and events open to school groups and the general public. Events will include A Very Brief History of Science performed by the Museum’s comedy team Punk Science, fascinating bubble shows, tours led by the Museum’s very own curators and performances from drama characters who bring scientists such as Alexander Fleming and Marie Curie back to life.

To commemorate the 40th anniversary of the moon landings the Science Museum will be hosting a space season from the 20 July which includes the following:

New! Force Field – the ultimate multi-sensory experience
Opens 13 June
Charges apply

See, hear, feel and even smell what it would be like to venture into space, with a ride in the Science Museum’s extraordinary new multi-sensory experience. Visitors can journey deep into the unknown with The Legend of Apollo film and discover what it felt like to be part of the Apollo missions. The experience utilises the latest simulation and effects technologies to place the audience in a truly experiential environment where they not only see, but feel what it was like to be part of this major historical event. The Legend of Apollo has been created with participation from former NASA Apollo astronaut Col. David R. Scott. The film will draw on Col. David R. Scott’s own experiences, actual Apollo archival footage, recent satellite imagery of the Moon and exceptional 3D computer animation.

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