Killer plant eats a whole bird in Somerset!

carnivorous_plantThis story is quite unbelievable! A plant has killed and ‘eaten’ a blue tit at a garden nursery in Somerset.

The discovery was made this week as a worker there was inspecting ths tropical garden. The bird was stuck within the plant with its feathers just visible at the top.

The plant in question is a pitcher plant that comes from South East Asia. It’s a carnivorous plant that attracts and traps insects in liquid which it then digests. However, insects is quite a bit different to birds, even for a carnivorous plant!

According to the Nuseryman, Nigel Hewitt-Cooper, it’s only the second time that a carnivorous plant has been seen to eat bird, anywhere in the world!

“I’ve got a friend who’s studied these particular plants extensively in the wild and he’s never found evidence of any of them having caught birds.”

“The larger ones frequently take frogs, lizards and mice, and the biggest ones have been found with rats in them, but to find a bird in one is pretty unusual.”

It is thought that the blue tit must have been attracted to the plant by the insects in the pool of liquid and then fell in when trying to pluck one out.

Nigel Hewitt-Cooper is an award-winning grower of carnivorous plants – although we doubt the RSPB will be giving him an award any time soon!