Tune in for NERDS author Michael Buckley on Fun Kids!

For all you fans of Michael Buckley’s series NERDS, we’ve got cool news – the fourth booth in the series The Villain Virus is out this September!

In case you haven’t heard of NERDS before, it’s a funny adventure series that follows five unpopular students who run a spy network from inside their school!

And, with the help of cutting-edge science, these characters are pretty unique! There is the paste-eater who can stick to walls, the asthmatic who can blow up like a puffer fish and loads more funny characters!

To find out more visit www.abramsbooks.com/nerds

We wanted to find out more about the fourth book The Villain Virus so we got hold of the author Michael Buckley!

Tune in this Friday from 4pm in The Club with Luke to hear them chatting about what Flinch, Choppers and the rest of the gang are up to in this book!

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