Lottolab @ Science Museum (until 31 March)

lottolab.ashxCan you see yourself see? Why do some words sound pointy? Why do you trust some faces more than others? Ever wondered what scientists do all day in a lab?

Lottolab is a perception laboratory from University College London, where scientists are investigating how our senses work using both interactive exhibits and public experiments.

There are light and music displays, optical illusions as well as exhibits and experiments.

You can take part in cutting-edge experiments to tell scientists more about how our visual brains work.

Recent perception research at Lottolab has studied how our eyes move when we judge faces, what part of our brain is used when we’re doing mathematical tasks and what affects how good we are at telling the difference between colours.

The lab is open from 13.00 –16.00, Monday to Thursday. The huge, 77-speaker Soundwall is in action from 14.00 – 15.00.

So come along and be entertained, challenged and inspired – and chat with Lottolab’s resident scientists and volunteers.

Event Info:

Duration: Around 30 minutes

Location: Science Museum, South Kensington

Price: FREE

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