Make a Display

Telling people about wildlife in an eye-catching way.

•        A well thought-out display in a corridor in your school, or another prominent place, is an excellent way of getting the attention of the general public.

•        You could do your display about wildlife in the local area, the activities of your wildlife group, or about a conservation issue of particular concern to you.

•        Decide on the theme of your display and what you want to tell people. A story is a good way to get a message across. Keep it simple.

•        Collect pictures for your display. They might be your own photo’s, magazine photos such as those in Wild Times and Bird Life magazines, or maps, or photographs. Close-ups of animals or of people’s faces work well.

•        If you want your display to last well, then you need to mount your words and pictures on card.

•        Find a place for your display where lots of people will see it. It might be in a foyer or corridor at school, or in a local shop or building society window, or at a local fete or open day.

•        Make sure you get permission to put your display up.

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