‘Marvel Super Heroes 4D’ @ Madame Tussauds (until 6 June 2012)

marvelYou can enjoy a heroic new experience this summer as Marvel Super Heroes 4D arrives at Maddame Tussauds. Some of Marvel’s best loved Super Heroes will be brought to life in three floors featuring a mix of interactive themed areas, startlingly realistic wax figures and an all-new Marvel Super Heroes 4D film adventure!

Here are some of the highlights:

Super Hero Command Centre

Marvel Super Heroes 4D will take you right inside the Super Heroes’ top secret command centre – S.H.I.E.L.D (Supreme Headquarters International Espionage Law-enforcement Division).

Hulk’s gigantic legs can be seen standing astride a massive plinth, his torso disappearing through a gaping hole in the ceiling. The super sized Super Hero has broken out of his Gamma Chamber triggering warning lights and emergency alarms. Circling around the massive feet of the gargantuan 4.5m tall figure, you can gaze up and get a glimpse of what awaits on the next level!

The Hall of Heroes

In The Hall of Heroes a very angry Hulk bursts up through the floor! You can measure up to his outsized vital statistics, stand inside his huge outstretched hand and even “turn Hulk” yourself courtesy of a special interactive that will make you appear very, very big and very, very green! Nearby is Spider-Man and a cleverly inverted office scene means you can literally “hang out” with him on the ceiling.

The figure of Wolverine shows off his awesome foot long Adamantium claws to full effect and you can try them out for size with some special replica versions. No stranger to danger, The Invisible Woman can melt away into the ether and you too can become semi transparent as you stand alongside her figure!

Marvel Superheroes 4D – The Film

The climax of the experience is a new 360º nine-minute animated 4D cinema attraction, complete with awesome special effects! The story unites a crack team of Super Heroes including Hulk, Spider-Man, Wolverine, and Iron Man in a battle against one of Marvel’s most villainous baddies – Doctor Doom!

Making the most of the entire 70m circumference of the dome theatre, Marvels Super Heroes 4D unites amazingly realistic 3D animation with state of the art digi-star projection and then adds in an extra-sensory fourth dimension. The action will spill out of the screen over the audience and thrill-enhancing special effects – from water and smoke to tremors beneath the feet – will touch every sense, drawing you right into the heart of the adventure.

See a clip of the film here!

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