Maslenitsa Festival London @ Trafalgar Square (26 February)

maslenitsa2011Ever fancied discovering more about Russian culture? Well this Sunday is your chance!

This annual festival is back in Trafalgar Square, a traditional Russian pre-Lenten festival featuring traditional Russian dance and a broad musical line-up including rock group Moral Codex, pop band Chelsea and folk diva Ludmila Rumina.

The children’s programme includes a show by Theatre Chudaki and an interactive presentation of Maslenitsa traditions.

Stalls offer the chance to buy handicrafts and try a variety of Russian cuisines and regional delicacies including borscht (beetroot soup), pelmeni (Russian-style pasta), beef stroganoff, traditional bubliki and vatrushki pastries and the quintessential Maslenitsa delicacy, blinis (pancakes).