Meet Karen from Tom Watson’s book Stick Dog

Hey there! How are you? I’m Karen, a friend of Stick Dog!

After my recent antics stealing food with Stick Dog, the show Dog Watch did a report on me – how cool! Press play to listen:

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Stick-Dog-book-2-jacketI’m a Dachshund, a breed of dogs that has very long bodies and short little legs. This helps me to hide in the long grass and make everyone think I’ve disappeared!

I’m a very happy dog and love potato chips, they are the perfect appetizer.

I’m an expert in appetizers as my past owner owned a French-Asian fusion restaurant, and he told me all about their importance.

I love my long tail and have the special ability of chasing it, running faster and faster in circles until I become a DOGGIE TORNADO!

Right now though I’m on a mission to get my paws on some hot dogs!

Follow the adventures of Karen in the brand new book Stick Dog Wants a Hot Dog by Tom Watson.

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