National Best Friends Day (Sat 4 July)

best-friendThe UK’s first National Best Friends Day will take place on Saturday 4th July and will aim to encourage young people nationwide to take part in activities to celebrate their friends and the power of friendship.

The idea is very simple – 4 July is the perfect opportunity to spend time with your best friends and show them just how much you care. It’s a day to celebrate friendship and to share some good times together. It’s a day for fun, laughter, smiles and cakes!

There will be lots of events happening up and down the country in schools, bookshops and libraries, but why don’t you organize your own celebrations with your friends? Let’s get the party started!

Show your Best Friends how much you care by organizing something that you could do together. The most important thing is spending time with each other and having fun!

Activities, ideas and information will be available to download from for you, mum and dad, your local library or school to run parties or events.

Party Ideas
So what exactly will you do to celebrate? There are so many ideas and so many possibilities. Make your dreams come true . . .

Throw a mini-party for your best friends
You could all watch a DVD together, or make your own dream flags to hang in your room. Or maybe you could bake your own Angel Cakes! (Try the delicious recipes coming up.) You could hold your party during the day, or you could use the opportunity to have a fab sleepover, with cool activities planned for the evening.

Hold a cake sale
Once you’ve baked yummy cakes with your friends, why not set up a stall to sell them? Maybe you could raise money for a charity that really means something to you?

Spend some time with your best friend
You could take the day to enjoy some quality time with your best friend. Go and do some of the things that you like doing together the most, whether that’s shopping, going swimming, visiting the park, eating cakes in a bakery, reading books or Mizz together, looking at celeb gossip or just having a chat.

Do something for faraway friends
If you have a best friend who doesn’t live near you, then this could be the time to do something special for them. You could put together a package of goodies for them as a treat or you could try to meet up with them for the day. Even just making the time to call them will make them smile!

Invite your friends to a clothes-swapping party
You might not be in love with that sparkly top any more, but maybe one of your friends would look great in it. And you’ll all save money by not having to buy new clothes! Why not make it into a pamper party and spoil each other with some new hair looks?

Organize a picnic in the park
Make some little sandwiches, bake some cakes and buy some snacks, then invite your friends for a summer picnic in the park. You could organize some fun games like rounders, an egg and spoon race and hula hooping, or even just take along a frisbee for everyone to play with. Don’t forget a blanket for everyone to sit on, and some sunscreen and hats if it’s a sunny day.

Lay on a pamper party
Use 4 July to throw a really relaxing pamper party for your friends. Ask everyone to bring their most sensational outfits, and get glammed up together! Try shoulder massages, foot spas, nail art and hair braiding for a completely chilled-out treat.

Funny fancy dress
Laughing with your friends is the best thing in the world so set up a fancy-dress party for you and your BFs. Choose a funny theme to keep you all giggling, like animals, vegetables or celebs, or even dressing up as each other. Make your costumes together and laugh all day long!