Nestboxes for birds

In many parks and gardens there are simply not enough natural places, like holes in trees, for birds to nest. You can help by providing them with a nestbox. You don’t need to buy one. You can make one with easy-to-find materials.

  • Its easy to build a nest box – check out the RSPB site for details of what you need and how to build one
  • Once the box is up, do not disturb it. Birds desert their nest very easily if they fear danger. It is best to watch from a distance.
  • After the young have fledged, you can leave the box for the winter. Birds, such as wrens, may use it as a cosy winter roost. You can take your nestbox down to give it a thorough clean anytime from October to the end of January – when the birds have finished using the nestbox. Clean it thoroughly by brushing the box and clearing it of any mess or nesting material.

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