Peregrine Falcons Watching @ Tate Modern (until 11 September)

peregrine_Barbican_Kenyon@bodyFor all you bird lovers head over to Tate Modern to see the amazing peregrine falcons they have there this summer.

The resident pair have returned to enjoy some sun, perching on the museum’s iconic chimney.

Members of the RSPB will be on hand to lend you a telescope, help you spot the birds, and tell you a little more about the nesting habits of these part time city dwellers.

This is a fantastic chance to see wildlife within the centre of London.

Plus, it’s free!

The telescopes and RSPB guides to the peregrine falcons at Tate Modern will be in available from 12pm – 7pm daily, Saturday 16th July – Sunday 11th September 2011.

Event Info:

Cost: FREE

Location: Tate Modern

Times: Telescopes available 12 to 7pm