Raising Funds for Wildlife

Raising money to help fund the activities of a wildlife organisation.  Organisations which work to protect wildlife cost millions of pounds to run. Most of this money comes from ordinary people.

You can do your bit to help by raising some money for conservation work.  There are many ways of raising funds. Here are some possibilities:

•        A sponsored activity. It could be a walk, a swim, a silence, a sunflower grow…whatever you like.  A suitable one might be a sponsored birdwatch – choose a day or half-day for a birdwatching outing and ask people to sponsor you an amount for each species of bird you see.

•        Make things to sell. You could make nestboxes, birdtables and bat boxes. You could grow seedlings of vegetables and other plants. You could make calendars with wildlife pictures.

•        Fundraising performances. You could put on a concert, dance display, puppet show, play, fashion show and ask people to make a donation as they leave.

•        You could guide people round a nature trail and ask for donations. If you are doing this at a country park or nature reserve make sure you have permission first.

•        You could buy birdseed in bulk, and bag it up and sell it on at a profit.

•        Carol singing with family and friends at Christmas.


•        You are not allowed to go from door-to-door raising money or sponsorship without a licence from the Charity Commission.

•        And we don’t recommend that you do this without an adult.

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