Red Bull Art of Motion Free Running @ National Theatre (20 March)

redbullartofmotionEstablished as the first free running competition in the world in 2007, Red Bull Art of Motion makes its long awaited UK debut in London in March 2011.

The event is like no other and will captivate the eye with an amazing mix of artistry from the disciplines of free running, parkour, martial arts and gymnastics.

redbullfreerunningParkour is the physical discipline of training to overcome obstacles within one’s path by adapting movements to their surroundings.

Free running is a form of urban acrobatics where individuals use the city landscape to perform movements throughout the natural features and terrain.

You can expect to see the boundaries of both sports continually pushed as the athletes blend the two, and also add movements seen in tricking and gymnastics to create entirely new styles and moments, or extensions to existing movements which were previously considered impossible.

freerunningnewThe Competition:

During the first round of the competition, each of the competitors have 80 seconds to freestyle across the course, showing off on and utilising several different obstacles and features.

Based on their run, the top twelve contestants then advance to the finals, where four of parkour’s most recognisable names are given the task of judging the contestants based on four skill sets: creativity, execution, flow, and technical difficulty.

Without doubt, this is the finest competition of its kind in the world and what’s more it’s a free event. No tickets required. Simply turn up on the day to watch the action!