Reduce, Re-Use and Recycle

Across the world, more and more wildlife habitat is being destroyed to make things for people, much of which ends up as rubbish in landfill sites or rubbish incinerators. You can help by making sure you  find ways of reducing, recycling and re-using the rubbish you throw out.

•        Your council is responsible for collecting your household waste from dustbins and wheeliebins and for providing recycling sites.  Find out what they recycle – which bins do they provide and do you use them, where is the nearest recycling point to you and what can you recycle there and whether your local supermarket has a facility and what can you recycle there

  • Try some of the following ideas to encourage you –

o   If you have a compost heap outside, put fruit and vegetable peelings, teabags etc into a plastic bin or container ready to take out for composting. You could decorate it to look like a frog, or other animal with a big mouth to make it more fun.

o   Instead of throwing out old clothes and toys, keep them ready for one of those plastic bags which come through the letter box from charities, or take them to the nearest recycling point.

o   Keep a ‘paper only’ box by the waste bin in rooms where a lot of paper is used so that it can be recycled – put old newspapers in there too.

o   Aluminium can be worth some money. Your school could collect aluminium drinks cans to raise money.

o   If you use a computer, make sure you keep the printer stocked up with paper that has already been used on one side. Only use new paper when you have to and encourage your school to do the same.


•        You may need to persuade other members of your family that it is important to recycle and not just throw rubbish away.

•        Think how you could have avoided getting some of the rubbish. You can sometimes buy things with less packaging or take bags for life with you when you go shopping rather than getting new ones each time.

•        You could also make a difference when you are on holiday.  Why not do an audit when you get to your holiday destination and find out what recycling facilities there are etc.  If you are going on a self-catering holiday or abroad, pack some bags for life in your suitcase as in some countries the shops don’t offer carrier bags etc.

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