Robotville @ Science Museum (1 – 4 Dec)

robotvilleWould you play with a pet robot?
Could a robot talk to you and share your feelings?
Fancy meeting your robot self face to face?

The Robotville Festival will celebrate the most cutting-edge in European robot design and innovation – and explore the cultural significance of robots.

You can meet over 20 unique robots, many of which have just come out of European research labs and will be on show to the British public for the first time. These include domestic robots, expressive robots, swarming robots, swimming robots, exploring robots, humanoid robots, learning robots and more.

Roboticists, from the UK and Europe, will also be on hand to demonstrate their work and talk to visitors.

Meet the robots


  • Concept was created to study how people react to a robotic face.
  • Why are we drawn to lifelike technology?
  • Interact with Concept and see his expression change as he watches and learns from you.


  • Nao’s secret is his versatility. He can be programmed to do or say just about anything.
  • Scientists are using him to explore how robots learn and how robots see.
  • One day robots like Nao could be lending a hand in your home.

Dora the Explorer

  • Dora is curious about the world and wants to explore her surroundings.
  • She looks for objects to tell her what type of room she’s in and can search for stuff you can’t find.


  • Dexmart is a pair of independent robotic helping hands.
  • From lifting a case of juice to holding your cookery book, their tactile sensors enable them to grasp and manipulate objects in the same way humans do.


  • You can tell a lot about what people are thinking just by looking at their faces.
  • Flash is a robot with three extra heads – Romek, Samuel and Emys.
  • Flash and its heads are an attempt to simulate human emotions in robots.


  • iCub helps researchers understand how the human brain develops.
  • By playing with people iCub learns about itself and how to interact with the world around it.

Shadow Dexterous Hand

  • The Shadow Dexterous Hand can mimic all the movements of a human hand.
  • It’s controlled by wearing a sensor-covered glove and has 40 ‘air muscles’ which make it move.
  • Its delicate touch means it can be used in many ways, from handling test tubes to doing the washing up.


  • If you were to take a peek at Eccerobot’s insides, you’d find they are similar to your own.
  • It’s anatomy is based on human bones, joints and muscles.
  • This means it moves like we do, to pick up a ball or give a friendly handshake.

Cockroach robot

  • This robot uses the same body movements as insects to propel it along at super speed.
  • They say cockroaches can survive anything.
  • This cockroach robot could one day be scuttling around nuclear power plants or even Martian landscapes.


  • Spend some time with Charly and he might start to look eerily familiar.
  • That’s because Charly’s projected face gradually morphs into the faces of those around him.
  • He was designed to find out how people like their robots to look.


  • Kasper the child-size robot can’t walk, but he can move his arms and head and change his expression.
  • Through play he helps children to understand emotions and how to interact with others.
  • He plays games such as peekaboo and will laugh if you tickle his feet!


When:     1st – 4th December
Where:    Science Museum
Times:     From 10am 1st December – 6pm 4th December
Cost:        Free