Run, Brer Rabbit, Run @ Chickenshed


Based on the traditional stories, characters of Brer Rabbit cause mayhem when they collide with the present day London Olympics. Children’s imaginations can run wild as they follow the mischievous Brer Rabbit and his friends on their crazy adventures and cheer them on as they go for gold.

Tales from the Shed is a highly entertaining, interactive theatre show that is perfect for young children. It is informal, lively and amazingly engaging as the performers and audience share the same space. We guarantee that every show will be fun, really silly and that there will be plenty of colourful puppets and live songs.

Children are always encouraged to make a lot of noise and to make the story happen. Grown-ups also find it very funny – this might be the one children’s show you don’t mind coming to again and again…

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Event Info:

Dates: Thu 26 July – Sat 4 Aug

Times: 10am & 11am

Running time: 60mins

Age: 0-7yrs

Tickets: £5.50 free to babies under 6 months

Venue: Chickenshed, 290 Chase Side London, Greater London N14 4PE