Save It

We all need to use energy (electricity and gas are the most common) and water, and we use a lot of it in our every day lives.  The question is, can we try and use less?  Why would this be good you ask?  Well, most of our energy is created by using fossil fuels.  When burned these create greenhouse gases which contribute to global warming and too much global warming is not a good thing for wildlife, fo us or for the planet.

  • Think about all the times that you could save water or energy in your day.
  • Here are some possibilities:

o   Switch off lights when you don’t need them.

o   Ask your parent if you could use energy-saving lightbulbs.

o   Switch off the TV, computer, hi-fi, radio and any other electrical equipment when they are not needed. Don’t leave them on stand-by as it still uses electricity.

o   Only fill the kettle with the amount of water you need to boil.

o   Do your washing at 40 degrees (many washing machines now wash at 30 degrees)

o   Take a shower instead of a bath.   Showering uses half the amount of water than a bath, so you will save water and energy for heating the water.

o   Put a brick in your toilet cistern so that less water is used to flush the loo.

o   Turn the heating down slightly and wear more clothes if you’re cold.

o   Make sure that curtains are closed once it gets dark, to help keep the warmth in.

  • Remind yourself to do things like switching off the lights by putting a post-it note reminder by the switch.
  • Make yourself a chart with sections for switching off lights, electrical equipment, taps, having a shower instead of a bath, or whatever other things you can do to help save water and energy. Give yourself a star each time you remember. When you’ve got, say 10 stars, you could give yourself a treat like some sweets, a magazine or your favourite pudding. Explain to your parents what the treats are for, and they may be willing to help.

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