Selfie is added to the Oxford English Dictionary! We’re celebrating with One Direction selfies and Justin Bieber selfies!

So Team Josh from Fun Kids is a huge fan of a selfie – that’s when you take a picture of yourself.

Most of the other presenters think it’s because he doesn’t have any mates around to take the photos, but whatever the reason tonnes of people are getting into the selfie craze.

Selfies are so popular now that the word has officially been added to the Oxford English Dictionary which means it’s an official word in the English language.

Other new words to be added to the dictionary include Phablet (a cross between a phone and a tablet) and Srsly (text speak for ‘seriously’).

So when you pop one of those words into an english project, just remind your teacher they are official Oxford English Dictionary words.

To celebrate ‘selfie’ making it in, we’ve got a quick gallery of our favourite celeb selfies including some Justin Bieber and One Direction!

What was your favourite selfie? Let us know in the comment box below!

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