King Kong comes to life in this brand new comedy show at The Vaults Theatre in London!

It's a funny version of the well known story!

King Kong is all about a group of adventurers who sail to Skull Island in search of a big, scary monster called Kong.

When the adventurers arrive, a group of people who live on Skull Island kidnap a girl called Ann. The adventurers fight back, rescue Ann and flee the island, but they also take Kong with them!

Chained and shackled, the monster taken to New York City and shown to audiences who laugh and scream at him. Until he breaks free…

A funny version of the story is showing at The Vaults Theatre in London. It’s called King Kong (a comedy) and is showing until the end of August. 

The show is written by Daniel Clarkson and directed by Owen Lewis. Between them, they have three nominations for really special theatre awards! 

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Event information

When? King Kong (a comedy) is showing 22nd June to 27th August 2017.

Where? The Vaults Theatre, Launcelot Street, London, SE1 7AD.

Schedule until 23 July:
Tuesday to Saturday, 7.30pm
Saturday matinees at 4.00pm
Sundays at 3.00pm & 6.30pm

Schedule from 25 July:
Tuesday to Saturday,
7.30pm Wednesday,
Saturday & Sunday, 4.00pm

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